A few words......

I have been in love with the natural world for as long as I can remember. It has always been my primary source of inspiration and succour and I’ve explored my passion for it in a variety of ways over the years. I’ve walked through it, written poetry inspired by it, become a botanist and even created workshops taking groups of people to dance and make art in it!

Since 2007, I’ve been exploring the art of photography as a way of expressing this passion. I make images that I hope capture the beauty I find in the natural world; those moments that have particularly caught my eye, whether it’s a flower back lit by the last light of the day, the exquisite multicoloured bands of a metamorphic rock or dawn on an empty Hebridean beach.

As well as 'beauty' (which is a big word and almost always needs more specificity), there are many words that come to me in relation to nature: fragility, delicacy, poignancy, power and serenity are some of them. Transitory is another. Every image is a moment in time, never to be repeated. Thus, the photographer stands as witness. The image says simply, ‘this is how it was and this is how I saw it’. It is a particular moment seen through the eyes of a particular person- an interpretation.

I make the majority of my images in the British Isles and there are some places that I have returned to repeatedly. In particular, many of my coastal images have been made on the Isle of Iona which I have been visiting for over 30 years. I also have a great passion for both woodlands and flowers and much of my imagery has been made close to home – in many cases as close as my back garden. After all, a daisy in my garden is as worthy of my attention as the grandest vista if it has truly caught my eye and my soul.